General notes

The program is very well experienced: 5 legs in 5 days, 10,13,9,10,21 Km to be ran along the beautiful trails and small roads of Formentera. The total distance is 63 km with a full rest day in the mid of the week. Some new features in the legs made tha race even more appealing. Limited number.

The Race

Number max 150 runners

2 categories getting the same services are possible:

- Running. Competitive category with official timing AND ranking.
- Nordic Walking and Walkers. Non-competitive cateogries with official timing, but NO ranking.

For both categories the legs will be the same;  Nordic Walking and Walkers will have the start anticipated by 30 minutes.
On the half marathon day for Nordic Walking and Walkers the total distance will be reduced from 21 to 10 km.
The start will be from Riu La Mola hotel at 9.30 AM, to say 30 minutes after the runners' start, while finish line will be the same for all the participants.
For taking part in the walk is mandatory to register in the NW or Walkers category, to show a simple medical certificate without cardiac stress test. No one (friends, wife/husband, etc.) will be admitted in the group without official registration. 
Both categories will wear bib number and microchip and will receiove full assistance throughout the race.

MANDATORY for all the runner who'll take part in the Formentera Trail 21.1 on saturday, is running with at least a 0.5 l. water bottle (hipbelt, camelbak or others).

Leg 1 - 9,2 km Hotel Riu la Mola - Hotel Riu la Mola 
Start from the hotel

The itinerary run along the shore, alternatively on sandy and hard jagged sections and partially on the wooden gangways stretching along the beaches. In the inland the run is on white roads.

Leg 2 - 7,8 km Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse - Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse
Start and finish at the lighthouse, in the most beautiful and unspoilt part of the island. Mixed itinerary with minor tar sections and white roads. A short but cool leg. Cimb 122 m.

Leg 3 - 12,2 km Cala Saona - Cala Saona
20 km transfer from Riu La Mola hotel, start close to the Cala Saona hotel.

Run along gravel roads to the cliffs of Punta Negra; here
the rocky terrain is very jagged. Climb: 160 m.

Leg 4 - 8 km Savina - Playa de ses Illetes - Savina 
11 km transfer from Riu La Mola hotel.
Starting near La Savina harbour, the itinerary follows a gravel road in the Saline park area; after this, a 2 km stretch on the East beach, takes, after a short inner sectino, to the West beach, where the finish line is. Climb 70 m.

Stage 5 - km 21 The last leg is the "Formetera Trail 21.1" 
A trail running half marathon. This leg will also be a single race with a separate rank for the runners who registered only in the Trail 21.1. The Fornentera To Run participants will be ranked both in the general and in the 21.1 ranks.
The itinerary starts from and finish at La Mola lighthouse, 5 km from Riu La Mola hotel. The trail takes on gravel roads located in the upper part of the island, the La Mola area; then the runners go downhill to the Mitjorn beach via the "Stufador" trail and go back up via the "Roman" trail. Its' generally a demanding trail, due to the very jagged mixed terrain in some sections and to the total climb of 420 m. Waterpoints at 6,11 and 17 km, besides the final one. At the finish line, free pasta party for all the runners. 

It's HARDLY RECOMMENDED for all the runners to run with at least a 0.5 l. water bottle (hipbelt, camelbak or others): in case of high temperatures the three waterpoints could be unfit to offer the necessary rehydration.

Prior to the start, the Walkers need to arrange their own vehicles by the lighthouse parking lot for the transfer back to their respective hotels after the race is finished. 
The total distance is about 60 km, to be ran in 5 days with a rest day on Friday. The itinerary is almost entirely off road and well markd. Waterpoints are arranged only at the finish line, except for the 3rd leg (12,2 km), where a halfway waterpoint will be arranged and for the 5th leg (21.1 Formentera Trail), where 3 waterpoints will be organized.   



For all the packages a scooter every 2 people is included - all the scooters can carry 2 people. These vehicles are the best solution for moving on Formentera roads, not very big and with a few parking spots in the areas of interest.

It is also possible to have the scooter for individual use, or choose to rent a car (paying an extra fee).

Both for scooter and car pick up, it's mandatory to bear and show a regular driving license.


A wonderful holiday made of sea, sport and nature in the last paradise of the Mediterranean sea, Formentera, in the Balearic Islands.

The program is very well experienced: one week of relax and sport, with 5 running days in the most beautiful spots of the island.

Registration Fees

Agency Fee to add to all packages: 60

RACE REGISTRATION FEE (Running and Walking):
250 €*

if any of the packages is selected, the race fee is reduced by € 100 to say 150 €.
The fee includes: bib number, race package, medical assistance, insurance, technical assistance, waterpoints, medal and final cocktail.


PORT SALER in ES PUJOL (no flight)
Apartment + Scooter for two + Insurance
Apartment for 4, 450,00€/person
Apartment for 3, 550,00€/person
Apartment for 2, 580,00€/person
three cleaning days in the week, and one change of towels

camera doppia  FORMULA ALL INCLUSIVE     820,00 €/person

In bungalow, ALL INCLUSIVE + one scooter/room for 6 days + insurance + afternoon meetings  + apetizers and organization parties.

Children from 2 to 16 years in bungalow (4 places) with parents.
Reduce quotation:          700,00 €

RIU LA MOLA Hotel, Mitjorn Beach. (No flight)   980,00 €/person
Double room + Breakfast & Dinner + Scooter for two + Insurance

- Scooter for individual use 60 € (mandatory for single rooms)
- Car (replacing scooter): A class car (2 people), 100€ per person.
- Car (replacing scooter): A class car (1 people), 250€


  • twin room accommodation in the chosen hotel for seven nights. 
  • dinner including water and wine (Riu la Mola)
  • 1 scooter for 6 days every 2 persons (optional scooters for one € 60)
  • medical assistance
  • specialized staff assistance by the hotel for the duration of stay 

Not included:

  • scooter/car fuel
  • tips and extras 
  • the extension service for full board including drinks (optional) 
  • Anything not specified in "Includes"

Race entry fee

The fee for the 5 stages for Runners or Nordic Walkers is: 250,00

The fee per person contracting ANY accommodation package will have € 100 DISCOUNT, so it will be: 150,00 €


ONLY BIB - No accommodation
Is possible to pay only for the BIB number. Per person: 250,00 € 

Bib number, swag bag, medical and technical assistance during the race, check points, water points and medal.

 Click here for booking only the BIB number

- Scooter for individual use 60 € (mandatory for single rooms)
- Car (replacing scooter): A class car (2 people), 100€ per person.
- Car (replacing scooter): A class car (1 people), 250€

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